Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still on hiatus

I'm thinking this blog is going to stay on temporary hiatus. I'm working really hard at trying to get my life together now and it's hard for me to be positive right now. Let me just say that being a single mother is absolutely exhausting and as soon as I have everything under control and I can get to being crafty again, I will be back. I'm currently working on a quilt for some friends of mine. I'll try to post the progress on here. Thanks for being patient with me.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I want to apologize for pretty much abandoning this here blog lately. To be honest with you all, my life has been completely turned upside down lately and I haven't had time to craft, let alone blog. I have started a craft or two that I promise I will share with you as soon as I've finished, but I started a new job recently and my time is limited. I want to thank you for still following me and I promise that I will be back soon.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Still Here

I have to take a second and thank you guys for not giving up on me and for still following this little blog. I've been having some emotional crises lately and have been in kind of a creative funk. I'm regaining my crafty mojo, though, so thank you for being patient! I'll be back to posting regularly very soon.

You guys rock!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me for not posting much this month. I do have a lot of things to share with you and a big surprise coming soon, but March was all madness. You see, my little brother got married and I got to spend two glorious weeks with my family in the Land of Warm and Sunshine (aka Florida). The wedding was perfect and the bride and groom were gorgeous. I'm super happy for them! I think that they had the most beautiful flower girl in history, too. 

I had the good fortune to enjoy lots of this:

I got to meet my new stepbrother, Austin:

I also got to meet and spend plenty of time with this adorable little dude:

Words can't really describe my awesome vacation. I woke up to sunshine and 85 degrees and flew home to dreary icy rain. Talk about reality check. Anyway, I'm back. So, thank you for not unfollowing this blog. It means the world to me that you've stuck around. I have some fun things in store for you guys, just wait and see!

One last thing! I could totally use your help! Remember that teaser post back on March 2nd? I haven't posted the big reveal yet because I'm having problems with adhesive. I've tried Mod Podge, Aleen's Tacky Glue and the super glue type of Gorilla Glue, but none of them seem to work. What is your favorite glue? I'm trying to attach some elastic to the inside cover of a book.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Thank you all for being patient with me this past week. There have been some big changes at home and things were looking down, but everything seems to be going in a much better direction now. Also, I've been busy preparing for my trip to Florida. It's only a week away, woohoo! Anyhow, here are this week's Hoo Are You? and Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Here are this week's questions!
1. Do you pay your bills online or through snail mail?
I pay my bills both ways. I prefer to pay online, though.
2. How many email accounts do you have?
I have 3. I have my personal one and one for this blog, plus one that I'm slowly phasing out.
3. Do you use XM/Sirius, radio, ipod, CD, or etc.. in your vehicle?
I mostly listen to the radio in the car, especially now that Scarlett is such a copycat. I forgot about some lyrics in a song the other day and she started singing the was not good. If she's not in the car, I will break out a CD or hook in the music player on my phone.
4.  What shows are sparking your interest on TV right now?
 This could be embarassing... These are the shows that I watch faithfully every week, in no particular order: Cougar Town, Gray's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars (I know!), Glee, Raising Hope (again, I know!), Headbanger's Ball and Modern Family. 

5. Name 3 things that you think of when you hear the word "GREEN"! 
Kermit the Frog, spinach and Florida/warm weather 

your favorite color?
It's a tie between black and pink.

high heels or flats?
Flats for everyday, heels for nights out.

your favorite dessert?
Either homemade apple pie or pineapple upside down cake.

your typical day-to-day get-up/outfit?
I wear whatever is mostly clean...usually a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

your wardrobe basics?
Blue Jeans, skinny jeans, t-shirts, tunics and leggings. Bandanas for bad hair days/days I stay in.

your accessories must-have?
 I have a pentagram necklace that I always wear, but that's it.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Teaser

Here's a peek at what I'm bringing you soon:

Can you guess what this will become?


Monday, February 28, 2011


Today, my world came crashing I didn't have a chance to put the post together. It is coming soon and it is a good one. Thanks for being patient, friends.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday

**Apparently I pushed the wrong button to schedule the post, so it didn't pop yesterday. Here it is a day late**

Hello all! It has been such a crazy week! I found inspiration in about a million places this week, here are a few of my favorites:

Over at The Wray Sisters you can find this adorable Minnie Mouse headband. There is no tutorial, but it is super cute.

 You can find this simple and sweet Alphabet/HI printable over at Sprik Space:

It comes in many colors.

Lier over at ikatbag shared an awesome post sharing ways to use print fabrics when you normally prefer to use solids. Within the post she shares a short tutorial on reverse applique. I may be brave enough to try it now! Here's an example from Lier:

When Mandi from Tidbits from the Tremaynes redid her pantry, she was left with a chalkboard door that she just couldn't part with. So she put it in her bathroom. You have to check out the sample phrases she came up with for the door. Hilarious. Here are two of my favorites:

 Also, just read her blog because she's pretty funny and amazingly talented. Just sayin'.

Look at these fantastic chocolate butterfly toppers from Emma at Everything Old. They look gorgeous and her tutorial seems so easy to do. These will make an appearance on this blog sometime. Probably in May. Or maybe earlier...I may just have to find a reason to make these...

And finally, for the parents out there: 1+1+1=1 has some really great learning printables and educational tools for homeschooling parents starting with Preschoolers. They have Batman and Disney characters as themes on some of the sets. Just check it out. I'm going to print some off for Scarlett to do on the way to Florida next month. Try the links here and here to get to some of the preschool/tot activities. Oh! and they are all free!

Enjoy and have a happy weekend everybody!