Monday, January 31, 2011

A Sneak Peek and Winter Weather

Hello all! I can say that because there are 25 of you now. Wow! It really makes my day when I read your comments and e-mails. So, thank you so much!

I know I said I'd share my super awesome craftiness this week, but I'm involved in the Love Me, Love My Crafts Swap over at Pinkapotamus and I think this is going to be going out to the person I'm crafting for. Needless to say, I'd like it to stay a surprise! So instead, I'll give you a little teaser of what it is I'm working on:
Red felt, white felt and my trusty glue gun.
You can still sign up to participate in the Swap until tomorrow (February 1). I'm not normally a fan of surprises, but I'm pretty excited about this one. :)

I'm going to tell you a secret...are you ready? Okay, it's not really a secret:I hate hate hate snow! I live in the Midwest and we get some crazy weather. You know that little part of Missouri that juts out toward Illinois? Where the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet up? I live right there in the middle of the very tip. Seriously, if you go one mile from my house in one direction, you'll cross the Mississippi, if you make a U-turn and head back in the opposite direction, you'll pass my house again and a mile down the road you'll cross the Missouri. That means that we get tons of extra moisture. So, when we get snow, we get snow. I'm calling it, wait for it (duh duh duh) ThE SnOwPoCaLyPsE! (I'm seriously rolling around on the floor laughing right now!) We're being warned that this will be the worst winter storm we've seen in 29 years. Craziness. I'm just not looking forward to the nasty ice and the 14 or more inches of snow that they're calling for. If you don't hear from me soon, come rescue us! Bring shovels!

Try to stay safe and warm!

P.S. The $25 CSN giveaway ends at Midnight (CST) tonight! You can still enter here.

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