Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wow, what a week

I'm back! I've had every intention of posting this week, but there was a lot going on and I'll tell you about it.

You may now kiss the bride...

On New Year's Eve, my friend brother, Steve got married. It was so beautiful! I sat with his mother in the front pew and did my best not to sob my eyes out. His wife (!) was a gorgeous bride and I know that they will be so happy together. The reception was tons of fun, but my pictures were all crap, since the professional photographers stepped in front of me every time I took a picture. Seriously! I had to delete 22 pictures of the photographer's butt. (I snagged this one from her Facebook page)

I haven't posted at all this week (though I wanted to) because my step-grandparents lost their house to an electrical fire on Monday. The fire started in the basement and my step-grandpa was trying to stop the fire himself. He was initially in the burn unit, but is now in the ICU and hasn't been conscious since the fire. He's 60 and wasn't in the best of health to begin with, so we're really hoping he can pull through this. The house was damaged so extensively that they condemned it within minutes of putting out the fire. From what I have heard, very little was salvageable. Whether you are the praying kind or not, my family would appreciate any kind thoughts you could send their way. (Thank you). Unfortunately, due to this happening, a lot of my work time was eaten up early in the week, shuttling my siblings to the hospital and running errands. I also had to complete my first order for Sew Very Happy (!), so I didn't have a real chance to get on the computer. So forgive me, I promise to be better!

Which leads me to my next little bit. I've been trying to work out.  Last week, I sat in on the Crafterminds Twitter Chat (if you don't know about it, you should!) and picked up some awesome tips. You can see the transcript here.  I bring that up because I've been trying to work on some things that will improve my little blog here and I've also been trying to put my website together for SVH Quilts. I think I'll have my schedule together next week and I'll be posting every weekday. I try to craft as often as I can, but I am going to commit to completing a minimum of 1 craft a week and posting about it. I'm not promising a tutorial every week, but I will definitely be sharing something! I'll share the whole schedule and everything in the works on Monday. (see-if I write it here, I have to!)  I've talked your ears off, so I'll let you go for now.

 Thanks again for stopping by! I'm so glad you came.

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