Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching Up/Words On Wednesday

 Hello all! I haven't been able to do much online since Friday, so I'll get right to it. Let's get caught up!

Sunday birthday and it was wonderful! I woke up to Scarlett telling me, "Happy birfday, Mommy!" It was super cute and totally made my morning. The restaurant that my wonderful man works for is being remodeled, so he was able to be home to make me a wonderful dinner.He grilled steak kabobs. Yum! He also made me a delicious little chocolate cake with strawberries. Double yum!
I couldn't believe the weather we had this weekend. It was sooo gorgeous out, like Mother Nature was wishing me the best. I have to say, it was so nice to have a free day! I didn't have to do anything and my only goal was to shower at some point. I also received some awesome presents! Here, let me show you:

Oh, yeah! I get to go see the New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys. My Moms got me a pair of tickets to see them in July. The little girl in me is super excited! I'm fully aware of how dorky that makes me and I'm embracing it. lol.

My Dad and Lori got me a Nook. Woohoo! A freaking Nook! I read a lot. By a lot, I mean in every single spare moment I have, I'm fighting between reading and crafting. Next month, my brother is getting married and I have been really worried that my phone was going to die en route to Florida because my e-reader programs drain my battery something awful. I don't have to worry about that anymore! It hasn't arrived yet, so I'm waiting impatiently. :)

Since I'm playing catch-up here, I have to show you my awesome new memo board. I received it last week, as part of the Love Me, Love My Crafts swap over at Pinkapotamus. The lovely Michelle over at Wandering Still sent it to me. I'm in love with the little magnets. I'm not exactly sure what they are called, but they are mother of pearl with little pearls stuck in it...not the best description, lol. Here it is:

Please ignore the mess!

Thank you, Michelle!

I will definitely show you guys the craft I made for the swap soon. I sent it to the wrong address because I'm a dork. It was returned to me, luckily, so I just need to send it back out. Julia, thank you for being patient with me!

So, that's it for now. I did backpost my posts from Monday and Tuesday, so forgive me for post overload!

Thanks for stopping by!

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