Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words On Wednesday

Hello all!  This has been a week already, and it's only Wednesday. Good thing it hasn't all been bad! On Monday, I picked up my new glasses. (!) I needed them badly. It had been over 2 years since my last eye exam and I had started to get headaches again. My new glasses are so neat and pretty. Please forgive the picture, I took it at midnight last night so I could show my BFF. I figure that you guys like me whether I look super cute or not, so I'll share:

Please excuse the mess...I'm in the midst of a couple of projects...obviously.  
I really want to tell you guys about last Saturday! I went to a quilt guild meeting for the first time. I liked it so much that I joined on the spot and signed up for a challenge. I joined the St Louis Modern Quilt Guild (SLMQG). I don't have any friends who quilt, so it was really nice to connect with fellow quilters. These ladies (and 1 gentleman) are so very talented! I saw some beautiful quilts during Show and Tell, and (excuse my geekiness here) a few of the members are bloggers I follow. Hopefully, next meeting I won't be such an in shock fangirl that I can actually talk to them. The challenge is a Solids Only Challenge. I was given a Kona Charm Pack in the Classic Palette and I have to use 1-2 other solid fabrics of my choice. It has to be between 120 and 160 inches and must include at least 21 of the 41 charm pieces. I'm pretty excited about this challenge and I have until June to finish it. Here's the thing, though:I've kind of been in a quilting slump. I don't think that's even the word for it. I have all kinds of ideas for quilts, but I hate quilting on my sewing machine. I'm just no good at it. There's going to be a demo at the next guild meeting and I can't wait to see, maybe it will help. I was supposed to pick up my midarm quilter from the repair shop this week, but finances didn't allow for it. Hopefully, I'll get some cash for my birthday this weekend and be able to pick it up next week. (Fingers crossed) Anyhow, I need to get inspired. To those of you who quilt (or even just like to look at them), where do you find inspiration?



  1. Hi Sarah. Enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. Nice glasses, maybe you can help me pick out my next pair. Good Luck on the challenge. I have my idea just need to find the time to do some sewing.

  2. LOVE Love love the purple bath robe girly!!! Love the new glasses and I love the reason for the picture :o)

    ps I get my quilt ideas from you so now we are both stumped :oP


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